16+ Reasons We Are Where We Are

And this link.

Both the article and the graphic are older news. Some of the people are no longer in the positions they once held. But, it makes their influence no less powerful.

Most of them had no experience or background for their appointed positions.

Others had actively lobbied against the very agencies they are or were in charge of leading.

A few are billionaires.

All appear to have ties to the Koch brothers. Two (I know one has passed on) ultra-right wing conservatives hell bent on amassing as much power as they have money.

Sadly, the Republicans (and sadly, some Democrats too) have shown time and again, they are for sale to the highest bidder, and the Koch brothers keep buying.

These people, appointed or hired by the man in the Oval Office, are some of the reasons we are where we are at this time in history. They have worked to undermine us having clean and water, taken away our safety on campus’ and allowing public monies to go to private and parochial schools, shaken our standing in the world, allowed drilling or similar on national park lands or reserves, among many other things.

If you ever wonder if your votes counts, these 16+ people are testaments to the fact they do. Had more people been less self-absorbed in being upset their particular Democratic candidate didn’t get the nomination, paid more attention to the white supremacist authoritarian candidate, and thought more about the common good than just themselves, these 16+ people would never have been able to wreck the havoc they done, nor would the man in the Oval Office be eroding and tearing down our country and her people. We wouldn’t have the military openly firing rubber bullets and gases at peaceful protesters so the man in the Oval Office could take a stroll to give the illusion he is “manly and dominate.” And, because the Democrats actually believe in science, we wouldn’t have the 107,000+ dead Americans due to COVID-19.

Your vote matters, every single last one.


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