Democrats: Where are you?!

Too often I ask myself, where are our elected Democrats? We have a pandemic, massive protests, and rioting occurring right now in our nation! Now is the time to be with the people—not speaking to us on TV, not tweeting, not Zooming, not doing robocalls or e-mails. We need you with we the people. We need to see you talking to actual people. We need to see you standing with the protesters. We need to see you kneeling on one knee in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color.

If we saw more of you with the people, keeping social distance, wearing a mask, but with the people, it would be a beginning to healing what is hurting.

Taking up legislation in the Legislative and Senate chambers, in County Offices and Town Councils, and in Governor’s offices across our country controlled by Democrats, to ease the burden our brothers and sisters of color endure each and every day would help.

Attorney Generals and City Attorney’s need to begin pressing charges in cases of police officers involved in the shooting and killing of all people, but especially our brothers and sisters of color who are most likely to be shot and killed for being black.

Good police officers, who truly care and want to honor their oath to protect the people, need to step forward and speak out against their brothers and sisters in blue who are white supremacists and any others who use excessive force based upon the color of someone’s skin.

If we saw more of these things mentioned, and saw them now, it would begin to ease the burden, the pain, and the rage of our brothers and sisters of color.

It can be done as shown in these pictures.

The question is,

“Do you have the moral and ethical fortitude to do it?”

Show us you can to help us, and U.S., get back on track to a better tomorrow.

Do it now before it is too late!

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