Things that Make One Go, “Hmmmm!”

While perusing Facebook earlier today, I saw a post by a Mr. Smith about liberals and the man (the man) in the Oval Office. It appears Trumpists, and supporters of Trumpists, are wanting to have the post go viral by saying the post was going viral. I don’t know if it is or not, but I decided not to share it here because I don’t want to assist the post going viral, although I was tempted because of the ludicrousness of it.

It mentions liberals as complaining the country wasn’t prepared, which I think Mr. Smith is alluding to COVID-19, but I can’t be certain as it doesn’t say what it is for which we weren’t prepared. He is saying we weren’t prepared because liberals spent years on investigations, impeachment hearings, and forcing the man in the Oval Office to defend himself against manufactured allegations.

Let’s unpack this a bit. If the author is referring to COVID-19, we aren’t prepared, but it has nothing to do with investigations and such. It is because the man chose to disband the pandemic response team. It is hard to be prepared when the team to prepare against a pandemic is no longer functioning. It is hard to be prepared when the man is making budget cuts to the CDC, which heads-up plans to address pandemics. It is hard to be prepared when the man contradicts the resident expert, Dr. Fauci. It is hard to be prepared when the man truly believes he knows all and everyone else knows nothing.

Let’s keep going with the unpacking. There were years of investigations because the man in the Oval Office believes he is above the law, a King, a Dictator, an Authoritarian. The man flaunts the Emoluments Clause, thus enriching himself on the taxpayers dime. The man gets involved in Judicial Department decisions in which he has no place being. The man breaks election laws when he pays off women to keep their stories silent before an election. The man breaks the law by asking foreign governments, Russia and China, to help him to win the election. The man breaks the law by attempting to bribe a foreign government to fabricate an investigation against a political foe, which leads us to the next unpacking.

Let’s go with the next unpacking. The impeachment was long, long, long overdue for the man in the Oval Office. His attempt at bribing Ukraine was the tipping point. People with a strong moral and ethical code could no longer stand by silently. Those people have the Constitutional power to impeach a President who is doing wrong and that wrong can include treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. I would argue the man has committed all of these items, but it was bribery that tipped the House. The man continued to cause his own woes even during the impeachment hearing through his tweets, obstruction and continuous lies.

The final unpacking is a line about how American’s could now use the 100s of millions of dollars wasted on the investigations and impeachment. Those millions wouldn’t have been needed had the man in the Oval Office actually done his job and followed the law. Additionally, had the Trumpists not forced an enactment of a $1,500,000,000,000 tax cut for the rich, plus the other multi-billion tax cuts for the rich since the early 1980’s also not have been enacted, we would be in pretty good financial shape since the Democratic Presidents have all helped reduce the deficit after Republicans ran it up. I also guess Mr. Smith has forgotten how much money was wasted by Republicans investigating lost e-mails and Benghazi.

We can blame the man in the Oval Office for not being prepared because he is not doing his job and has lacked the leadership ability to handle the current health crisis. He has failed the American people, the United States of America, and the world. It is actually the man who has complained, acted like a spoiled petulant child, and refused to accept responsibility for anything he has done wrong or any wrong decision he has made.

The man in the Oval Office, which Mr. Smith will never accept, does not have the ability to lead the free world, does not have the empathy necessary to lead a diverse nation, and does not have the mental capacity to accept he doesn’t know it all and his decision-making is lacking.

The man in the Oval Office brought everything that has happened unto himself. No one, except himself, is to blame. Well, the people who continue to support him despite the preponderance of evidence the man is vastly under-qualified for the prestigious Office of the Presidency, I do lay some of the blame at their feet too.

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