The Patio is Coming!

We have gotten approval to put in our patio and gazebo from the HOA! The gazebo has been ordered and we’ve hired someone to put it together for us.

The patio company will be here tomorrow with their contract. Hopefully they can get the patio poured sometime over the next two weeks. That would be in time for the gazebo kit to arrive. The goal is to be able to sit outside on a sunny warm morning, drinking coffee, cuddling with the dog, and reading a book or writing. Of course, there is always room for the hubby to come sit as well.

It will also be nice once the COVID-19 crisis has ended for many many reasons. One being so we can have friends and neighbors over for food and conversation, and sit outside while enjoying one another’s company.

That is, we first have to get past the Polar Vortex coming in, and maybe after spring actually kicks in.

Stay warm everyone!

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