Time to be Creative in the TV Show World

Have you seen the Saturday Night Live show the cast shot from their homes? What about the recent Progressive Insurance ad that looks like they are on Zoom call (which was very funny by the way)?

After seeing the Progressive ad just now, I began wondering when a brave soul in the TV world will start thinking outside the box. Why not shoot some of our favorite TV shows in the same way, from home?

I’m going to issue a challenge for those higher paid creatives. Please show us it is possible in our current reality to still have some entertainment. Musicians, singers, storytellers, DJ’s and Teachers have been showing their creativity for the last couple of months from their homes. SNL has shown us it can be done with their show, and it did work. Newsrooms have shown us it can be done. Why not an actual sitcom, drama or game show?

With green screens and technology, there isn’t any reason I can see other than a little ingenuity by a smarter creative than I. Studios just send the green screens to the actors, the writers send the scripts, the costume designers work with the actors to use what is their closets at home, the actors do their own make-up, and the graphic designers create the backgrounds to be as realistic as the movies and video games. Actors could still interact with one another and show their professionalism and their craft. The editors could do their thing by splicing the pieces together to produce the illusion we know is possible.

If they really wanted to go all out, I’m not sure why the studios couldn’t send some video cameras that could be operated remotely by the camera operators to do close-up and full-body shots.

Will it be challenging? I’m sure it would be. But then again our educators, our health care professionals, our first responders, our food stores, our restaurants, and many other businesses and industries have had to figure out new ways of doing their jobs or operating their businesses. Why not the entertainment industry?

So, creatives, make it happen! I look forward to seeing your genius in action.

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