It Pays to Ask

There are things all of us want. Some of us will ask for it, some of us won’t.

I’m one who will usually, won’t say always, but usually will ask if I want something. There are two answers I’ll get by asking. It will be either yes, or it will be no.

I’ve never died from a no answer since I’m still alive and kicking. It’s disappointing to hear the word no, but it usually isn’t the end of the world.

It is the times I get a yes that makes it worth asking each time.

I will say that I trust my inner voice a great deal. If I get a very strong urge that I need to approach someone or to ask for something, I try to always listen to it and follow the advice I’m hearing.

Today was one of those times.

While we were walking the dog this evening, we came across the landscape people installing some sod. I had noticed them from afar. As we got closer, I saw a pallet that was about half-stacked. At that time the little voice told me to ask if it was extra.

As we approached the property, I asked the worker if the grass they on the pallet was extra. He said it is sometimes extra unless they have another job close-by. But, he said the foreman would be the person to ask.

Lo and behold, the foreman just happened to be walking up then. I asked the same question. The foreman asked what I needed and why. I explained I was looking for extra sod whenever they have it to fill in the side front yard. He then asked how much I needed, which threw me because I am a horrible judge of what is needed to fill a space. I said I think it is a 10×10 plot. He said he had some extra and he’d sit it off to the side.

After thanking him profusely, I said I’d be right back to get it. We semi-rushed home (the Princess likes to mosey at times and always stops to smell the roses). Once we got home I hopped in the car and raced back before they changed their minds.

When I got back to the site, he had laid a few of the extra rolls of sod off to the side for me. And, his people even helped me load it into my car. I thanked them again and headed home.

Of course, I was off by about 10×10 feet, but the side yard is closer to being sod than it was before. I’ll keep watching for other extras to bring home. There are probably 50 more homes needing sod. I’m confident I can get more rolls before all those yards are finished.

Wish me luck!

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