All Because of an Over Inflated Ego, which Must Be Fed Constantly

Only the current man in the Oval Office, who had been scheduled to deliver the commencement speech at West Point, would say he is going to do something without first checking to see if it is safe or feasible to do at this time.

Because he is getting hammered over this daily propaganda broadcasts, and more so since he told everyone maybe injecting themselves with cleaning agents would help protect against COVID-19, he needed a rally to feel good about himself without regard for anyone else as usual.

Now, 1,000 Cadets (students) must fly back to West Point sooner than expected.

They will most likely have to fly commercially. Thus, they are potentially exposing themselves for no really apparent good reason.

Then, they have to be tested for COVID-19 and wait for the results (at least same day results), before being allowed to their dorms. No mention though of what happens should they test positive—will they be sent home or quarantined for 14-days?

While waiting until the commencement, they will have to practice social distancing or some variation thereof.

The sad thing is, now West Point is having to scramble, and possibly not make the best health decisions in the interest of time, and have to figure out how to hold an in-person ceremony. How to social distance 1,000 attendees six feet apart?

All to feed the man in the Oval Office’s ego and need to be the center of attention.

I personally feel for each of those cadets whom feel obligated to come back sooner than they personally might feel comfortable in doing so. More so, I feel for them because they are going to have to sit through a long speech where the man with no empathy attacks the media, attacks the Democrats, and puffs himself up about his “great” handling of the COVID-19 medical crisis solely based on his own personal assessment of himself. Which we all know he has no metacognition skills, nor can he acknowledge any stumbles or areas in need to improvement.

Yes, I feel for you Cadets. My sympathies for your predicament.

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