Republicans Break It, Democrats Fix It

The banking crisis brought the economy to its knees under President George W. Bush because the Republicans were more in love with money and supporting the super rich than supporting the 99%.

President Barack Obama was elected and started the process of rebuilding the economy and the country. He succeeded and started one of the longest run of job growth in the country’s history. It was so successful, the growth continued well into the next administration elected in 2016.

Because the current man in the Oval Office chose to fire and/or dismantle our pandemic offices, and because he chose to ignore the warnings our own civil servants were providing him about COVID-19, and because he continues to choose wacko ideas over sound science, it all fell apart this week. Those new jobs, which took about ten years to create, are gone. Gone in less than five weeks. We are now worse off employment-wise than when President Obama came into office.

Once again, with the election coming in November, and please God, please, Joe Biden becomes our next president and Democrats have a majority in both the House and the Senate, it will once again be up to Democrats to once again fix our country after a Republican broke it, and broke it in even worse ways than previous Republican administrations. It’s broke emotionally, financially, physically and reputationally.

The silver lining is the Democrats will fix it. They always do. They will make our country better for all of us, not just a few. They will improve our global reputation (it will take longer than eight years to fix our global reputation). They will course correct our downward spiral and begin the upward trend. They always do.

Let’s hope the American people don’t develop amnesia about what the Republicans have done to our country! Let’s hope the American people remember how Mitch McConnell obstructed all election protections legislation when they go to the ballot box! Let’s hope the American people remember how the current Administration went to court to try and get rid of Obamacare when they go to the doctor or hospital! Let’s hope the American people remember how Republican Senators chose party over country each and every time they were called upon to check #45’s Administration!

Let’s hope the American people remember!

Let’s hope…


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