What Will It Take?

What will it take for Republicans to take back their party from the Trumpists?

The man in the Oval Office, while on the campaign trail of the 2016 election said he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” and he would “lose any voters.” He may not be standing in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and he may not be shooting anyone, but he sure has been complicit in the deaths of thousands of people due to COVID-19.

Any yet, no true Republican leader has criticized the man in the Oval Office over his handling of the pandemic in the U.S.

Only one true Republican leader stood against for the Country over party during the Impeachment Trial.

No true Republican leader has said no to 45’s insistence in having his name on the Relief Fund checks being sent out.

No true Republican leader has used their powers to rein in an Executive Branch run amok.

No true Republican leader has said enough is enough, and then taken action to back up their words.

What will it take for true Republican leaders to show they care more about people, the Constitution, and our Democratic Republic than being a Trumpist? What will it take for them to emphatically say no and back it up with bipartisan legislation to put a check on the tyrant at the head of our country?

I ask because I would have thought the “pussy” tape would have done it. Or the mocking of a disabled person. Or the paying off of a porn star to not talk before the election. Or finding out he has been cheating on his wife. Or saying there are good white supremacists. Or when he retweets nazi propaganda. Or when he attempts to bribe the Ukraine. Or the thousands of lies he has told. Or when he cozy’s up to world dictators? Of when he speaks out against our national intelligence agencies or judges or the media? Or when he refused to honor the Emolument Clause. Or because he knows nothing about the Constitution. Or when he has…well just about anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical as the man in the Oval Office has shown himself capable of being and doing all three.

What will it take?

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