A Statement of Gratitude for Today

A very good friend of mine is about to go on a stricter shelter-in-place order where she lives. She has great Faith and always expresses gratitude in her life. As she often does, she inspired me today.

Here are things I am grateful for today:

+Both my husband and I chose wisely.

+My grandson has had a couple of good days while still in the hospital, including finishing a bottle, which is a big deal. That goes hand-in-hand with the great support of his mom and dad, and the prayers of so many people in all our lives.

+My children are old enough to entertain themselves.

+My mom has my nephew living with her so neither are alone right now.

+I have two great mentors in California.

+My job is such I can work from home.

+Cow manure for my vegetable garden arrived.

+The lily’s I recently planted are starting to sprout.

+A dog is a huge comfort.

+I have a circle of friends who lift me up and call me out.


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