Took a Break Today

Since we had to cancel our June New York trip, I decided I would take a vacation day for today. I needed something different as the staying at home, although I know it’s needed and why, is getting old.

My day was a nice respite.

I was able to sleep in a little bit because my loving husband was very quiet while getting ready for work this morning. He took the dog out and brought her back to cuddle. She may not be an official therapy dog, but she’s my therapy dog.

When I did get up, I decided to break my day into one hour increments, unless I was in a flow, to see if that would make the day go and feel differently. Of course, it was pretty impossible to be precise in hour increments, so I did my best.

Hour 1: Slept a little longer before getting up and getting ready.

Hour 2: Read my current book, Revelations. It finally started getting interesting. The main story is similar to the series Messiah (a must watch by-the-way). In the book, they have finally started to believe after the unique way the Messiah came back as a mortal again on Earth.

Hour 3: Decided against using Wix for the Lost Souls Memoriam website. Switched to Google Sites. Much easier to use and allowed me to make some progress on it. 14 souls listed so far. Not many, but a start.

Hour 4: Walked the dog with my husband, lunch together, then started on our new puzzle.

Hour 5: Decided needed to read more of Revelations.

Hour 6: Listened to Governor Holcomb’s daily address to update how the state is doing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hour 7-8: Researched what cheese can be substituted for mozzarella since I didn’t have any for the dinner I wanted to make. Shredded eight ounces of Parmesan cheese (takes much longer than one might think). Then made and stuffed shells for dinner. Ate dinner.

Hour 9: Caught up on social media, took dog for her second walk of the day.

Hour 10: Napped a moment, watched Chris Hayes.

Hour 11: Watched Rachel and wrote this post.

Hour 12 (tentative): Either watch the finale of Best Home Cook, starring Mary Berry—a famous, and funny, baker and chef in Great Britain, or read more of Revelations.

Hour 13: Get ready for bed, then read Revelations until fall asleep.

I had wanted to work in the garden, but winter and high cold winds are back. Regardless, it was a very nice break in the monotony of being at home.

What are you doing to break the monotony of being at home?

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