8,454 Souls Lost* in the United States (3:37AM GMT, 4/5/2020)

As of 3:37AM GMT on April 5, 2020 8,454 souls have been lost in the United States. 288,356 cases of COVID-19 are still active. 8,206 cases are in serious, critical condition. 20% of all people tested are positive. Death rate of those infected is 2.7% (higher than the predicted death rate of 2%).

Right now all of these lost souls are just statistics, numbers on a chart. It doesn’t tell us of those who have died, are they mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and so on. There are no faces to the carnage this virus, and this administration, is leaving all around us.

In order to get politicians to take action, and shame #45 into action, we must start showing the public the faces of the COVID-19 victims—people who have had to die alone without loved ones holding their hands and telling them they are loved. These faces should be shown on every nightly news show, their pictures on every broadcast, and shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, #COVID19victim.

Let us see whom we have all lost. Let us cry together collectively. Let us mourn for those taken too early. Let us put a face to this medical crisis we are in the midst of living through.

Share with the nation your loss, our loss, the nation’s loss. Make these deaths more than a number and a statistic. Make them human to us, and shame those calling it a hoax or ignoring stay-at-home orders and advice.

Help us turn the tide of this medical crisis and spur those in power to action.

I invite the families of COVID-19 victims to share your loved ones’ pictures and stories all over social media for us to like, love and share. Help get #COVID19victim trending and make sure to include your local politician and @realdonaldtrump in your posts.

No death should be in vain!

No death should be invisible!

Share..we want to know them!

*And growing!

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