The Passage of Time has Changed

April sure did take a long time to get here. January and February flew by, then it was March. March started normally, then all of a sudden, you know what hit the fan. School is canceled, work must be done at home, and stay-at-home order goes into effect.

Time, and the passage thereof, shifted. The days are now blending together.

5:45 Alarm goes off, hit snooze alarm.

5:50 Get up so snooze doesn’t go off again. Turn off back-up alarm.

5:55 Start daily routine of getting ready for work.

6:25 Shoo dog off bed to make it, crack a curtain to let a little light in.

6:30 Go done the stairs and walk across great room to arrive at home office.

6:35 Catch up on news/e-mail.

7:00 Start the work day.

8:00 Make coffee as a way to stretch legs.

10:00 Remember I need to get up every once in a while. Take dog out, say hello to husband who is also teleworking.

12:15 Forgot again to stand up the last two hours. Lunch time. Take dog for first walk of the day.

12:30 Eat lunch.

1:00 Work on puzzle until end of lunch.

1:15 Back to work.

3:30 Remind self once again to set timers for tomorrow to make sure to stand at least a minute every hour since I didn’t do it again that last two hours. Sign off from work.

3:40 Work on puzzle.

4:30 Feed the dog, usually start to make dinner.

6:00ish Eat dinner.

6:45 Take dog for second, longer walk, of the day.

7:15 Catch up on news on TV, MSNBC unless #45 is on, then read cookbook.

8:00 Usually falling asleep, maybe nap.

9:00 Watch Rachel.

9:30 Take dog out for last time of the day.

10:00 Work on daily blog.

11:00 Get ready for bed.

11:30 Read until fall asleep or midnight, whichever comes first.

5:45 Alarm goes off, hit snooze alarm. Start it all over again.

There are slight variations dependent upon weather. But, that is the gist of the days. Last Friday, at the end of a WebEx meeting, someone said Happy Friday. Many of us were like, oh yeah, it’s Friday.

I’m thankful that: we both have jobs we can do from home, I have a great husband I enjoy being around, all of my family and friends are healthy at the moment, we have food, we have a roof over our heads, and the teens are behaving very well. Have to keep all this in mind as I begin to lose my sanity a bit having to stay at home 24/7.

How is your time passing?

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