Mr. Trump is a National Health Hazard

Every time 45 is broadcast on national TV, he does harm to the economy, to the Office of the President, and to the health of millions of Americans.

The media MUST stop broadcasting him live.

If he actually says something of import, it can always be played later as a clip. We should only be hearing from actual medical experts.

Journalists are falling down on the job dramatically. They are not asking questions of significance as a whole. When they do, and 45 pivots, none of them ask the same question until the answer is forthcoming. No one is putting 45’s feet to the fire to hold him either accountable, to push him to action, or both. Their right to do so is provided by the 1st Amendment and it is their patriotic duty to protect the American people.

Twitter needs to monitor, and block, any tweets that contain racist, white supremacist, white nationalist, nazi or fascist propaganda, and anything related to the COVID-19 health crisis. Twitter has the power and authority to do so on their platform. It is their patriotic duty to protect the American people.

Essentially, it is time for anyone who has the power to shut out the white noise from the White House to emphatically do so! There is no law that says one must broadcast a president live (although I do believe it should be rare that a president is not carried live). For 45, it is imperative he not be carried live because of the harm he causes us and U.S.

If the media, journalists and Twitter continues the status quo in the midst of this pandemic, we should hold all of them accountable for the spread of COVID-19 and innocent deaths because they allowed 45 to spread his misinformation, misplaced blame, and outright lies.

Media, journalists and Twitter take action and take it immediately!

P.S.—Although the Coronavirus is of utmost importance and needs to be covered to help keep us safe, there are still other things happening in the country. While you are focused solely on the Coronavirus, this corrupt administration is still doing things undercover of COVID-19 to undermine our Democracy. Please make sure you train your eyes on those things and inform us of them as well. Democracy dies in the dark of night, turn the lights back on.

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