For the First Time, I’m Afraid of a Virus

This evening, while texting with a friend, I told him I usually don’t get too worried about the flu and such, but the Coronavirus has me worried. I am afraid of this virus and I’m not sure why.

I’ve been trying to figure out what is different about the Coronavirus than Ebola, Swine Flu or SARS. Those were pretty bad, but I didn’t worry about getting them.

Is it that I’m older now?

Is it because my parents and many of my chosen family are in the dangerous age range or have health issues?

Is it because I am now a grandparent?

Is it because I am a parent?

Is it because I have a husband?

Is it all of the above?

The only answer I’ve been able to arrive at is yes, the above list factor into my worry, but not my fear.

My fear comes because I no longer trust the President of the United States, nor Trumpist politicians, to do the right thing. I don’t trust they will provide me with accurate information, take necessary steps, care about me and my family, will provide the necessary help to ensure those sick get care, get tested, or get needs met.

I also don’t trust 45 and his fellow Trumpists won’t take advantage of the situation to declare Martial Law, suspend our civil rights, and to call off elections. If the Senate and his advisors were better at their jobs and didn’t bow down before their king, I would worry less. But, none of us should think this doomsday scenario can’t and won’t happen, because if you believe it can’t happen you haven’t been paying attention over the past three years.

Although I may not have agreed with the policies or philosophies of past presidents, I did trust them to protect their constituencies, the people, and fellow Americans. The current man in the Oval Office has only proven time and time again he can’t be trusted. His lack of empathy and humility make him a liability during a crisis such as we are currently experiencing. Nor do I trust his underlings to make him protect us and do the right things. Bottom line is I don’t trust that 45 isn’t limiting testing kits being available in an attempt to keep numbers down so he doesn’t have to take responsibility for his poor decision making from the start of this pandemic.

The right things are not banning travel from our allies, lying about what is happening in terms of tests available, making meetings on the Coronavirus classified, suspending payroll taxes, or offering bail-outs to large corporations who have large profit margins and reserves.

The right things are to strongly urge teleworking across the nation for those capable of doing so, closing all schools and universities for a short period of time, making sure food banks have the funds to feed students who are not in school, providing funding for anyone missing work due to Coronavirus so they receive their normal wages while out-of-work, strongly urge cities and towns to suspend large gatherings (such as sporting events and performances, large conventions and meetings, and rallies of any sort), getting testing kits to all 50 states and allowing doctors to test anyone exhibiting symptoms (I have no idea why the Feds have to give permission for anyone to be tested). These are things that will help low-wage earners and allow hourly employees, really all of us, the ability to stay home if we or our families become ill.

Do you feel safe right now?

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