“On Tyranny: Beware the One-Party State” (Snyder)

I am purposefully skipping Chapter 2 of On Tyranny for the moment as I have a little more research to do before posting about it.

Chapter 3 is Beware the One-Party State. If you are paying attention and are woke, you will see we are quickly moving in this direction. Yes, we currently have two major parties, the Trumpists (formerly known as Republicans) and the Democrats. However, not for long if the timeline continues as things are proceeding.

The Trumpists are working hard, tirelessly, emphatically and explicitly towards making the United States a One-Party State. Here are ways in which Trumpists are pushing us to one-party rule:

  • Gerrymandering—This is the process, which occurs every 10-years after the Census count, where voting districts are redrawn to create new U.S. House of Representative Districts. Each district must contain an equal proportion of the population to be represented. When this occurs, the district lines are redrawn and approved by State Legislators. Republicans of the past, have redrawn them in such a way to ensure no matter how many people vote in the district, a Republican (now Trumpist) will win re-election, or drawn to where as many Trumpists will be re-elected when certain areas are heavily Democratic. This allows Trumpists to maintain control of State and local races as well, and helps to elect Trumpist Governors. Thus, the Trumpists remain in power and make it one-party rule.
  • Voter Suppression 1—Trumpist State Attorney Generals purging voter records under the guise of these registered voters are not currently active. They set the criteria for whom qualifies as inactive. The purges have primarily affected African-American voters, and other voters of color as these groups of voters tend to vote more for Democratic candidates.
  • Voter Suppression 2—Making it harder for people of color to vote through limiting the number of voting machines in precincts. In doing so, it slows down the process and makes for longer lines at these precincts. For people who work, these long waits are longer then a lunch break or even regular voting, thereby causing people to leave polling places to return to work.
  • Voter Suppression 3—Requiring voters to show state-issued IDs. Although having people need to show a state-issued ID may not be a bad idea, it is the logistics of getting one which can suppress voters. If someone does not have the income, or the time, to get to a license agency, they can’t vote. For people without transportation or the funds to purchase the ID, they are left out of the voting process. When an ID is required to vote, the agencies offering the IDs should be required to be in lower-income neighborhoods and the IDs should be offered free-of-charge with proof of income.
  • Voter Suppression 4—Shortening the time and reducing the places for early voting polls. This has primarily been done in areas serving people of color.
  • Voter Suppression 5—Requiring a full street address in order to vote. This has hurt primarily Native-Americans as many reservations do not have formal addresses for the homes of its residents.
  • Voter Suppression 6—Taking away the voting rights of people convicted of crimes and served prison time. This primarily affects people of color and often lasts for the remaining lifetime of the person, even after having served their sentences.
  • Balance of Power—Not holding Mr. Trump and his administration accountable for their crimes, such as ignoring subpoenas, using campaign funds for personal use, and asking for election interference by a foreign power.

Essentially, the bottom line is thus, if the Trumpists allowed for full and complete freedom in the voting process, they most likely would lose elections each and every time in many places. However, it would be through a full and open process with the real possibility of anyone being able to win if they enroll enough people into their vision.

We are all granted the right to vote under the Constitution. If a party is not able to enroll enough voters to pull the lever for them at the polls, and doing it fair and square, then they don’t deserve to serve in any elected position.

That process, after all, is the one our Founding Fathers envisioned to a degree. One person, one vote, majority wins. It really is that simple.

Now register today, and then vote as if our country deserves in the primary and t

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