Just Missed a Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans

Today I head home from a meeting in New Orleans.

It was great fun and I laughed a lot with friends I don’t see often. Also got to know some coworkers a little better. Always interesting how I can sit two seats away from someone at the office, but it takes leaving the office to know them better.

New Orleans was fun along with brain-filling and thought-provoking. All good things when on-travel. Business first, but a little pleasure after hours is good for the soul.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to get away from my cubby, but it never gets old going home to my own bed and to my husband. I miss them both, and the dog, when away. The order of who is missed the most will have to remain a secret.

If you can ever get down to New Orleans, definitely take the time. If you can get down around Mardi Gras time, even better…at least once.

Just remember to have an alligator steak, some gumbo, and most definitely some jambalaya. If you don’t, then you really didn’t go to New Orleans, and you may well have just stayed home!

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