A Day in the Life of the 99%

This is a mash-up from the past few months.

Time to get up for work. We roll out of our nice comfy bed to get ready. Thousands of children in U.S. detention camps are trying to stay warm under inhumane conditions. It doesn’t matter, they aren’t our children.

As we shower, Rudy Giuliani is working with thugs to get information from Ukraine as a private citizen under the direction of the man in the Oval Office. It doesn’t matter, he’s not digging up dirt on us.

As we pack our lunch, the man in the Oval Office is being acquitted for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. It doesn’t matter, it won’t affect our lives.

As we drive to the office, the man in the Oval Office just said he hates people who hide behind their religion or say they prayer for others because they are lying. It doesn’t matter, I’m not a religious person.

As we login at work, voter rolls are being purged. It doesn’t matter, we’re white and they won’t do that to us.

As we take our lunch break, the man in the Oval Office has two military personnel fired and escorted off the White House grounds and fires an ambassador. It doesn’t matter, it wasn’t us who got fired.

As we drive home, Fascists march through the streets of Washington, D.C. with their faces masked. It doesn’t matter, we know Fascists are Nazis and we don’t have those in the U.S. Besides, freedom of speech, remember?

As we walk our dogs, the temperature in Antarctica reaches 65º. It doesn’t matter, we have nothing to do with that happening.

As we eat our dinner, more countries are put on the no immigration list. It doesn’t matter, we aren’t Muslims so we’re safe.

As we brush our teeth, the man in the Oval Office awards Rush Limbaugh, a hate-monger, the Medal of Freedom. It doesn’t matter, when Rush talks, it isn’t about us.

As we go to bed, the Republicans are planning on cutting our Social Security benefits. It doesn’t matter, the man in the Oval Office said he would never touch social security and he never lies.

What does this say about us? If it doesn’t impact us directly, do we care? When they come for us, will anyone care?

Sleep well.

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