Damn, Democratic Party Leadership! Get It Together!

I’m starting to wonder if you really want to beat Trump in November, take the Senate, and keep the House, because you sure aren’t acting like it.

First, there were 25+ people running for office. That is a whole lot of ego in one field. Hurray, we have a great field from which to choose! Unfortunately, it was overwhelming to even think about at that time.

Then, someone thought it would be a great idea to have two nights of debates with 10 people on the stage. Again, overwhelming and no one had much time to say anything. Plus, the press was allowed to begin making the choice for us as they gave a large amount of time to a small number of candidates. This happened twice. Well, the giving a large amount of time to a small number of candidates continues to be the pattern.

Luckily the field has been whittled down to 11. Still an overwhelming number of people, but at least we are getting down to a manageable number. Six is the number I think my brain will be able to handle; it doesn’t do well with 11, let alone 25+.

Next, someone had the bright idea of trying to whittle the number down, at least on the debate stage, by mandating so much in donations by a certain number of donors with a certain percentage in the polls. This new idea did whittle it down, but it whittled down the candidates of color right off the stage. Not really a good look for a party that prides itself on diversity of members and of thought.

For some reason, that idea didn’t seem to fit the narrative. The powers that be then changed the rules again. Basically anyone can get on the stage if they hit a certain percentage in polls,. Of course, as stated above, this meant the candidates of color were already out, but another old white rich guy is in.

Due to tradition, Iowa got to be in the spotlight with the first chance for voters to actually make a choice. I have nothing against Iowa and have friends who live there. (Side note: I was excited my friends had moved there because they could then be part of the excitement and able to meet the candidates face-to-face.)

But, for some reason, because of pressure from a former candidate, the rules were changed for the caucus. As we’ve watched over the past few days, this didn’t turn out too well. The powers that be thought a new app would be great, but didn’t bother to test it out. The powers that be didn’t seem to think people would need to be trained on the app. The powers that be didn’t seem to think they might want to have an independent entity verify the code was secure. The powers that be also didn’t seem to think they might want to plan for sabotage after everything we’ve heard about attacks on elections (although the saboteurs appear to be domestic disrupters and Trumpists). And so on, and so on. Unfortunately, it means the Trumpists now have a talking point and a seed of doubt has been planted that Democrats can’t handle a simple election.

My advice is to stop the ridiculous notion of a recount. It provides yet another talking point for the Trumpists and plants a seed Democrat leadership doesn’t like the fact Biden didn’t even make the top three and leadership wants to change the results.

It is possible we don’t want Biden on the ticket although I know that may be out of leadership’s realm of possibility.

My advice, since it may not have crossed your mind, is to just let the first round of votes be the official votes. People went with their first choice, let them have their first choice. It may mean Sanders wins or Buttigieg wins, doesn’t matter anymore at this point. The momentum is over, it is only about delegates now. Apportion the delegates from the first vote and move on. Move on quickly to get this debacle off the “front page”.

It is time to move on from Iowa and begin concentrating on making sure there are NO MORE issues of this nature. You had your blunder. Shake it off and move on to New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. We still have an election to win in 10ish months.

Now get to it and GET IT RIGHT!

P.S.-The Democratic Party Leadership of Iowa issued its final results for Iowa. National leaders and all candidates should abide by this result, and as I said above, move on and let it go!

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