Democrats to Blow It, Again!

Every day I, along with many people, are outraged at Speaker Pelosi and the leaders of the Democrats. I’ve been doing my part in tweeting to Ms. Pelosi and Democrat leaders, I’ve called the offices of Speaker Pelosi and my own elected officials. But now I’m going to be quite blunt…

Speaker Pelosi, get your head out-of-your-ass and begin an impeachment inquiry.

If you can’t lead, then step aside and let someone else lead.

Democrats always seem to get themselves into a corner. Making threats about this or that, such as the recent debacle with subpoenas. To my knowledge, no impeachment proceedings have occurred from those, calls for disbarment of those lawyers ignoring the subpoenas has been undertaken, nor taking them to court. As my mom used to say, “Either piss or get off the pot!.

The longer it takes for Democrat leaders to take actual action, is another day of condoning Trumps behavior.

The longer it takes for Democrat leaders to take action, the more disillusioned their base becomes.

The longer it takes for Democrat leaders to take action, the more it looks like the Mueller Report really did exonerate Trump because it’s Trumps narrative that is out there front and center.

The longer it takes for Democrat leaders to take action, the more it helps Trump get re-elected.

I’m beginning to think this might be the right time for a third party candidate to get in the presidential race so I will have someone to support. The Democrats, who I supported in the 2018 election to put a check on Trump and hold him accountable are once again letting us all down by doing nothing.


I don’t care if Speaker Pelosi gets under Trump’s skin causing him to rant and rave on Twitter. Who cares! What I care about, and why I supported Democrats was to see action taken. Not for the Democrats to do as they seem to often do, they get a little power back and are then afraid to weld it.

I mean, what is the problem? Really, what is the problem?

Speaker Pelosi, I strongly request, urge, even beg, you to get busy with the Impeachment Inquiry and start shifting the narrative for people to see the true colors of Trump, not his persona of lies.

Make us proud, not sorry. Show history the Democrats saved the Republic with you at its helm.

You have power and your base, and many others, behind you.

Use your power now, or lose it in 2020, and possibly forever, and have history blame you and the Democrat Party for the fall of the United States as a Republic.

You have the power. Use it!

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