Dear Joe, Bernie and Elizabeth, Please Don’t Run for President

Joe, Bernie, Elizabeth, and anyone else who has run for President before, or declined to run in 2016, other than ego, there is no reason for you to be in this race. Your times have come and gone.

It is time for you to step aside.

It is time for you to be elder Statesmen.

It is time for you to mentor the next generation of leaders.

For me, you are like hit TV Shows that go one season too long. The show that doesn’t realize it is sometimes better to end while still high in the ratings and create spin-offs to keep the momentum going.

Personally, I’d like Democrats to win the White House and Senate (with a 60-vote majority), back again. Doing so would, hopefully, start us moving forward again.

Help us do that, not by hogging the limelight again, but by helping the next generation, like Beto, Stacey, Kamala, and Alexandria.

Joe, Bernie and Elizabeth, the above really should be your main goal. Preparing us for the future, not feeding your egos.

What do the rest of you think?

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