Mr. Kavanaugh, It Is Time to Withdraw

Dear Mr. Kavanaugh,

I will cut right to the chase. If you had a modicum of dignity and saw the true value of the Judiciary, you would withdraw your name immediately for consideration to the United States Supreme Court.

After listening to your testimony at the hearing before members of the Senate last week, you have proven yourself to be unworthy of this elevation to the Court.

A jurist should, although it is hard to see into one’s heart, always present as a model of impartiality, good judgment and in control of one’s emotions.

As a citizen of this great country, one who still has respect for at least one branch of our government, the Supreme Court, you will be a stain upon its reputation. You have diminished yourself and shown your true colors when under pressure. You have demeaned female senators with your cavalier attitude towards them during your questioning. You have lied in your answers about your past based on statements from your friends about your high school and college years. You have shown yourself to be highly partial in your politics.

These are not what I want in a Supreme Court Judge. I want to be able to at least have the illusion you will be fair and impartial, that you will truly look only at the facts and abide by Stare Decisis, that you are in control of yourself.

You, with your behavior and statements throughout the various hearings, have shown none of these. Therefore you should withdraw.

Do not demean, diminish nor tarnish the United States Supreme Court. If you want the Judiciary to continue to be highly respected, withdraw. To not do so, to me and many others, is to show you feel entitled to this position and be damned what it will mean to the Court.

Which Mr. Kavanaugh will we have? One who respects the Court and knows how to do the right thing, or one who cares only about his own ambitions and the Court be damned?


Frank Chiki
Concerned Citizen


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