What is the meaning of self-worth?

Over the past year I’ve been thinking a lot about self-worth and personal value, even more intensely since moving to Indiana.

What is the meaning of self-worth?

Is it the size of one’s house? Professional reputation? Standing the community? Annual earnings? Being well-traveled or well-read?

What is the meaning of self-worth?

Is it the number of followers on Twitter? Likes on Facebook? Views on WordPress? Pins on Pinterest?

What is the meaning of self-worth?

Is it never getting upset? Always being upset? Seeing a therapist? Solving all life issues alone?

What is the meaning of self-worth?

Is it the love and respect from family? Having a great marriage? The number of close friends? How many kids or grandkids or great-grandkids one has?

Is it any of the above or all of the above? Do we decide ourselves or is it all context?

The move to Indiana has really brought self-worth into my daily thoughts.

If it is based on how great a marriage one has, then I’m worth a lot, even more than before the move as I really see how Richard helps me be better, how he grounds me, how much he is my rock. Being apart has really hit me hard.

If it is based on the love and respect from one’s children, then it is at an all-time low based on how they are treating me and have been treating me.

If it is based on being well-traveled and well-read, then it is pretty high since I’ve traveled quite a bit and take great pride in being an avid reader.

If it is based on annual income, then that too is at rock bottom as I’m earning the least I’ve earned in 30 years.

If it is based on professional reputation, then I’m not sure of my self-worth and value since I wasn’t able to obtain an administrative job as I had wanted.

And so on, and so on…

Right now, I’m not feeling very self-worthy based on some of the above and more happening in my personal life. I can appreciate how others may see I have a high self-worth and I can recognize their context of self-worth. I’m just not feeling it for myself in my heart and mind.

I don’t share this as a way to get a lot of great comments or encouragement. I share this in hopes others might recognize, if they are struggling with the same feelings and thoughts, they are not alone in the struggle.

As I’ve been contemplating self-worth, I have been wondering how others evaluate their own self-worth. I invite you to share your thoughts within the construct of self-worth.

If you are struggling with this, I encourage you to share your story.

Let’s get through this together as the one thing I’m confidant in right now is knowing this too shall pass.

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