Paul Ryan Retiring: What Might It Mean

Unless you’ve been hiding in a closet, or are shunning news, you’ve heard Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, Speaker of the House, is retiring. I’ve been wondering what that might mean for the Republicans and Democrats.

I may be a liberal Democrat, but I do often admire how Republicans stay on message—right or wrong—and repeat it as often as possible to make it appear true, even when they are way off base. Republicans are also pretty good at looking at the long game. The Democrats aren’t so good at doing either of these things. Then again, because they aren’t, there is greater debate before moving forward.

A couple of thoughts on Ryan’s retirement revolve around, “Hurray for him, he’s retiring to be with his family,” and what are the Republicans up to this time (two-fold contemplation).

With everything happening in Washington, I can fully understand if he wants to get out of Dodge, go back to Wisconsin, and enjoy family life. I would imagine it will be a bit of culture shock if he stays in Wisconsin; I’m sure where he lives will not offer the same amenities as the most powerful capital city in the world. It will definitely not be the hustle and bustle, nor deal-making atmosphere he has become accustomed to as Speaker of the House. Although I’m sure this can become wearing over time.

Another way of looking at the retirement is since Republicans are so afraid of the current administration’s base to say anything against him, they are leaving as protest. Although I believe, if this is the case, they should have the backbone to just do it for the good of the Country. But, if leaving works, it works.

It’s the last thought which has me most concerned.

I’m worried Republicans are leaving as they are seeing a Blue Wave happening in November, which could be a good thing. However, since Republicans are good at long-term planning, are all the retirements part of a two-year plan to have Democrats control at least the House of Representatives. By having that control, based on all of the evidence so far against this administration, impeachment proceedings could be possible. Should impeachment proceedings begin, the Republicans then have a major talking point for the base. If the President is impeached in the House, the Senate will then have to conduct the trial, providing a new set of talking points. Depending on how long this process takes, it could fire up the administration’s base for the 2020 election, thus creating the circumstances to take back the House, increase seats in the Senate, and keep the White House. Not too much, in my mind, would be worse than this scenario to push us back toward the dark ages and decrease our standing in the world.

Normally I would say this is all a bit far-fetched. As we all can acknowledge in some way, we aren’t living in normal times and I’m at a point where I believe anything is possible.

What are your thoughts on Ryan’s retirement? Is this just a retirement or is it more?

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