Kudos to McCain, Collins and Murkowski

I don’t often have reason to praise our elected Republican friends, as they think too much of themselves, their financial self-interests and those in the top 1%, than us regular people.

So I wanted to say thank you to Senator McCain (AZ), Senator Collins (ME) and Senator Murkowski (AK), for voting no on the so-called Skinny Health Care Plan. You have helped to raise my hopes that we can move away from what we are now calling “government as usual” (although it has really only been usual in this extreme manner for about eight years).

My hope is now we can move back to how government is supposed to operate, through compromise. To get back to the needs of us regular people in supporting us in surviving a topsy-turvy nation and world.

In our everyday lives, compromise and give-and-take, are how we operate.

It only takes one person to turn a tide of history.

Let’s hope these three have facilitated a change in tide for our elected officials at all levels.



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