Worries about my Daughter 

I’ve been thinking and worrying about my daughter’s future a lot lately. I have sons as well, but as white males, I worry about them too, but less so as I know the privilege they will enjoy in our current society.

I worry about my daughter the most due to all of the current legislation already passed, and what is being proposed, to limit her rights as a human being, her access to care for her body, and her potential income over her lifetime.

With Planned Parenthood being attacked by politicians, both local and national, will she have access to help guide and provide care for her as she ages? With reproductive rights being attacked by politicians, both local and national, will she be able to do what is right for her and her family if the time comes and a hard decision must be made? With women still earning far less than men in most jobs, although doing the same work, will she be able to afford the experiences and things a man may be enjoying by virtue of his income? Is The Handmaid’s Tale a future reality for her based on the current political and societal climate that is attacking women in general?

These are things that keep me awake at night as a father of a daughter. 

For those of you who support the attacks above, don’t you worry about how you are contributing to limiting the life of your daughter, sister, wife or mother? 

Would you like it if someone were doing this to you?

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