School Year Update

Well, I’m already a couple of posts behind my goal of writing at least every two weeks. However, I’m going to keep that as a goal for this year.

I do have one more post to make about the Laura Ingalls Wilder trip this summer. It will be one of my next posts. For this one, I wanted to give a quick update on how the year has started.

We currently have 455 students enrolled. This is a few more than last year at this time. We have three kinder classrooms, four first and second grade classrooms, and three classes each at third, fourth and fifth. Additionally, we have two classrooms for students to receive Tier III Special Education services and one self-contained gifted classroom.

Based on our numbers average at first, second and third grades, we were able to get funding for an additional first grade teacher, thus decreasing the class sizes at first and second grades. Kinders are averaging around 21 students, first grade 19 students, second grade 23 21 students, third grade 26 27 students, fourth grade 24 students and fifth grade 22 21 students. These averages are in-line with other schools around the District and in some cases, our averages are lower.

Unfortunately, we did lose an allocation for a teacher of the gifted. Ms. Harreld is working with our 1st-3rd grade B- and all C-level gifted students.

We have a new intermediate interventionist, Ms. Willa Bradley, starting on September 21 whom will work with Ms. Telle. Ms. Telle is working with our primary students.

Zuni also received an additional $26,000 in Title I funds for this year. This was a nice unexpected “windfall”. The general parameters were we could use the funds for just about anything expect personnel. The Instructional Council voted to use the funds for professional development for teachers, and supplies/materials for students and classrooms.

The year, as a whole, has started off very well thanks to all of you, the students and our new and returning staff and teachers. Let’s keep this going for the year.

A quick reminder to visit our website often (, to keep up on what is happening at school. We also have an active Facebook page (like us from the Zuni website home page), follow us on Twitter (@zunieagles/#zunieagles), and sign-up for Remind reminders (quick reminders of upcoming events or school closing via test message; to sign up to receive messages via text, text@zunie to 81010.). The teachers are also tweeting this year, ask them for their Twitter handle to follow them.

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