All About The Bass

Have you heard the new song All About the Bass by Meghan Trainer? If not, I recommend a listen. I was introduced to it by Richard and I have been listening to it quite a bit the past few days.

For me, it was worth a buy just for the beat. When you hear it, you’ll feel the urge to dance. I say, just do it if the urge hits you.

The song also has a great message about being okay with who you are. If it weren’t for a couple of instances of adult language and theme (I wish the artist had chosen alternative words in a few spots; maybe there is a “clean” version), I’d share it with my children, especially my daughter.

Throughout the song, to me, it says we should stop trying to look like the models in magazines, just stop with the Photoshop look, we know it isn’t real. We are told it doesn’t matter about size, we “are perfect from the bottom to the top.”

I find this is a great message for our young girls (and boys too nowadays), but especially the girls who are told what true beauty is supposed to look like from almost every direction—magazines, TV, movies, advertisements. All of us need a reminder every now and again that we are okay with how we are right now.

For me, this is a reminder to help my own children, and our students, to know they are okay. Who they are is who they are. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things we could improve upon for our health, our knowledge, our well-being. It does mean we are where we are in our path, and that we are just right.

Take a moment and join me in telling your son, your daughter, any loved one, that you love them just as they are and you’ll love them no matter what. Add a hug for good measure. They might be surprised to hear it, and I bet it will make their day.

Remember, as Trainer tells us, you are perfect from the bottom to the top.

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