Heroes of the Lunchroom

This wasn’t the post I had thought I would do, but that is okay.

Richard shared this link with me about a TedTalk given by Jarrett Krosoczka. He is the author and illustrator of the popular Lunch Lady book series.

I’ve been trying to assist in the cafeteria every day as this school year has begun. I find it is a good way to get to know the students better in a more relaxed setting outside academics. This is a place where the students let their hair down a little, so to speak. Students share about their families, family food traditions, and themselves.

I also have been trying to help the lunch ladies, if I may call them that. There are just three of them to prepare food for 400 students everyday in about 2.5 hours. They do this everyday with a new menu each day. The food is cooked on site and one makes her own gravy, rather than heating from a canned gravy, and it tastes great.

My favorite lunches are the chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, that homemade gravy and a roll (dipping the chicken and roll in the gravy makes the rest of the day great), and the asian beef. If I’m at school on the days those are served, I always make sure to get a tray.

At lunch time, there are then only two to do the actual serving because one, who is also the cafeteria manager, must be out front inputting lunch numbers and accepting money students bring for their accounts. All meals sold must be accounted for each day.

Even with the daily deadline to be ready, they greet the students with a smile, get everything ready and to use a common saying now, they “get ‘er done.”

So, next time you are in the cafeteria, please tell them thanks for all they are doing.

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