Leaders of Conscience, Why Have You Forsaken Us?

“Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded, and I will refresh you.” (Matthew 11:28) Jesus was a protester (Luke 4:16-31, Matthew 4:23-25, Luke 5:15, Mark 2:1-12, Luke 11, John 5:16, Mark 3:1-6, Matthew 5-7, Matthew 11:20-30, Luke 7, Luke 11, Matthew 9:35, Matthew 13:56-58, Matthew 10, John 4; Matthew 9:2-8). The Jesus… Continue reading Leaders of Conscience, Why Have You Forsaken Us?

Yang Was Right!

Yesterday we started our exciting journey to finally meet our new grandson! When we arrived at the airport, after all the checking in and going through security, we wanted to get some snacks and some water for the plane. On the way to our gate, there is a snack souvenir bookstore combo along the way.… Continue reading Yang Was Right!

An Evening of Mixed Emotions

Watching the primary returns this evening has been a bag of mixed emotions. Sad because Pete Buttigieg wasn’t a part of the excitement. Happy that Amy Klobuchar had suspended her candidacy. Frustrated that so many people voting today had unnecessary long waits due to the lack of enough voting machines or precincts for the number… Continue reading An Evening of Mixed Emotions

Whom to Vote for Now?

My heart is very heavy. Mayor Pete has suspended his presidential bid. I was sitting in a movie theater scrolling through Twitter and there it was, the announcement. A web search had to be done because I couldn’t believe it to be true. As I confirmed the news, it actually felt like I had lost… Continue reading Whom to Vote for Now?

“On Tyranny: Beware the One-Party State” (Snyder)

I am purposefully skipping Chapter 2 of On Tyranny for the moment as I have a little more research to do before posting about it. Chapter 3 is Beware the One-Party State. If you are paying attention and are woke, you will see we are quickly moving in this direction. Yes, we currently have two… Continue reading “On Tyranny: Beware the One-Party State” (Snyder)

Where Have All Our Leaders Gone? Repost

After the events of today with Devin Nunes and the apparent installation of a Trumpist loyalist as the Director of National Intelligence, meaning another part of our government is now compromised, I felt an old post is even more relevant today than it was just a few months ago. Where Have All Our Leaders Gone?

This is an Appropriate Response to Trumpism

Tami Burages (@tmurages) hit it out of the park with the following Twitter thread. This is what a response to Trumpism and AG Barr should have looked like in a truly functioning Democratic Republic and a Fourth Pillar seeking the truth to protect the Constitution. This is what we should demand and expect from our… Continue reading This is an Appropriate Response to Trumpism

Damn, Democratic Party Leadership! Get It Together!

I’m starting to wonder if you really want to beat Trump in November, take the Senate, and keep the House, because you sure aren’t acting like it. First, there were 25+ people running for office. That is a whole lot of ego in one field. Hurray, we have a great field from which to choose!… Continue reading Damn, Democratic Party Leadership! Get It Together!

All Heil King Trump I

Doesn’t roll off the tongue does it? Regardless, get used to it. With the Senate vote of January 31, 2020, we now live in a monarchy at best, a dictator at worst. If a monarchy, it won’t be the type we associate with Queen Elizabeth II, a constitutional stickler, but more of an Ivan the… Continue reading All Heil King Trump I

The Deplorable Among Us Have Won

Until today, I’ve not used that term really. However, it seems the most appropriate today. The deplorable of today are women who voted for a man who feels okay grabbing a woman by the pussy and a party that believes it should be able to control a woman’s body. It is a FBI director who… Continue reading The Deplorable Among Us Have Won