The Passage of Time has Changed

April sure did take a long time to get here. January and February flew by, then it was March. March started normally, then all of a sudden, you know what hit the fan. School is canceled, work must be done at home, and stay-at-home order goes into effect. Time, and the passage thereof, shifted. The… Continue reading The Passage of Time has Changed

Checks and Fraud

You thought I was going to write about politics again, didn’t you? Not tonight. I’m taking it a little more personal this evening. It has been a day, and not just because of the Trumpists and the Department of Justice, and not because of the New Hampshire primary. It is about a deposited fraudulent check… Continue reading Checks and Fraud

A Single Stool…Really?!?!

I think I’ve mentioned I have several kids, currently all teens. Since I have several, I’m going to be grammatically incorrect and use they or them, or any plural form, when discussing them individually or as a whole. The other day something happened that made me cock my head and say, “Really?”. I had mopped… Continue reading A Single Stool…Really?!?!