The Great Compromise Has Begun

A few days ago I wrote a post entitled, The Great Compromise. When I wrote it, I thought it might still be a little while before we would get to that point. Apparently my thinking was way off. The great compromise has begun. There are forces pushing boundaries to see what we will tolerate and… Continue reading The Great Compromise Has Begun

Saturday Night “Live” in the Age of COVID-19

This evening, after getting caught up with The Masked Singer (yes, I know, but what you going to do?), I watched Saturday Night Live Home Edition. It was better than I thought it would be! The cast was creative in garnering props from around their homes (RGB skit was the brilliant in this aspect; the… Continue reading Saturday Night “Live” in the Age of COVID-19

Yang Was Right!

Yesterday we started our exciting journey to finally meet our new grandson! When we arrived at the airport, after all the checking in and going through security, we wanted to get some snacks and some water for the plane. On the way to our gate, there is a snack souvenir bookstore combo along the way.… Continue reading Yang Was Right!