Self Published on Amazon, Finally!

It is interesting to realize it took over three years to get here. I always thought an author would have an idea, write it down, find a publisher, do some editing, and voilà, the book is published and ready for readers to purchase in no time flat. Well, it isn’t as easy as that in… Continue reading Self Published on Amazon, Finally!

…in the “Real World”

Often, and I am guilty of doing this as well, we educators and parents tell our students and children, “Wait until you get out in the real world.” As with many things, out of the blue, when I heard someone say this today about students, it rubbed me the wrong way. It was said in… Continue reading …in the “Real World”

Mr. President, A Vocabulary Lesson

Dear Mr. President, I think you need a quick refresher on the meaning of words as you don’t seem to know the definitions or how to use words in context during your political speeches couched as COVID-19 briefings. Please take note and I’ll try to be as simple as possible. Nasty Definition: Behaving in an… Continue reading Mr. President, A Vocabulary Lesson

What Will School Look Like in the Fall?

First a shout out to all of my fellow educators! I may not be in a school setting anymore, since I work for a state education department, but my heart has been with you during this most unusual time. Keep doing your best, as I know all of you are doing, and know your efforts… Continue reading What Will School Look Like in the Fall?