Coronavirus Fallout

Today three states announced they are closing all public, and some states included private, schools for a minimum of two weeks. In the last 24-hours, the NBA, NHL, and NCAA games were canceled. Baseball has postponed its season opening. Private companies, and some government entities, are having employees telework. This is all well and good,… Continue reading Coronavirus Fallout

French Quarter Walkabout

I’m in New Orleans for a conference this week. After today’s session, I had a little bit of time to do one of my walkabouts (may do another if I can get motivated to get up early enough tomorrow morning). Here are the pictures that called to me. There is such history in this city.… Continue reading French Quarter Walkabout

Somewhere Different

For today’s walkabout, I had decided last night to go somewhere totally new, and far from the hotel. It was a subway ride to the walkabout. Battery Park was my destination as I wanted a picture of Lady Liberty since the values she has espoused for so long have been under attack, really since 9/11,… Continue reading Somewhere Different

Always Look Up, and to the Side

Yesterday was a busy day of sightseeing. We made it to the new Hudson Yards shopping mall, touched Madison Square Gardens, climbed to the top of the Vessel, marveled at the engineering of The Shed, saw Macy’s, ate at Keen’s Steakhouse (opened in 1885 and still in the same location), and saw Come From Away… Continue reading Always Look Up, and to the Side