Who Decides on the Standards

This evening I was part of a powerful Twitter chat on educational leadership. The discussion prompts came from the book, Leading with Focus (Schmoker). Participating in the chat was also an assignment from a book study I’m participating in using the same book. I’ve had this book on my to-read shelf for a long time,… Continue reading Who Decides on the Standards

Law(less) and (Dis)order(ly) President

The man in the Oval Office wants us to believe he is the law and order president. Take a moment. Let that sink it. The law and order president! Are you laughing, crying, raging, sighing, sulking, or shaking your head in disbelief? (By the way, if you are saying he is a law and order… Continue reading Law(less) and (Dis)order(ly) President

When Will the Democrats Ever Learn?!

The Democrats haven’t learned. Again! Words matter! We live in a society bombarded with slogans, acronyms, and emojis. Any of these can be turned into a political ad within hours, if not minutes. Words resonate and have meanings, and there aren’t as many people anymore who take the time to stop and reflect on what… Continue reading When Will the Democrats Ever Learn?!