Choose Wisely Men and Women

Hunkering down has been a challenge I imagine for all of us. There have also been some really good things about being hunkered down, which I believe I’ve mentioned before. I have really enjoyed working from home because it means I get to have lunch everyday with my husband, whom has also been working from… Continue reading Choose Wisely Men and Women

Why is Picture Placement so Challenging?

As I walk around our home, I have missed seeing many of the pictures we had hanging, or were displayed, throughout our former home. They were always a comfort as many were either pictures I had taken of our kids, their artwork we had framed, or paintings/photographs done by friends of ours. To me, nothing… Continue reading Why is Picture Placement so Challenging?

I am a Worrier

If it is true one’s worries are what turns one’s hair gray, you’d see I worry, a lot. I think it is both hereditary and because I’m an educator (teachers never stop thinking about their students, even 20 years after they had them in class). My current worries, which are mainly due, but not entirely,… Continue reading I am a Worrier

What Are You Doing to Help During this Crisis?

Every day, as the Coronavirus cases increase, and more things are shut down, I keep wondering how can I help others out during this time. I’m worried about the people who are hourly and non-exempt who may not have sick time, don’t have benefits, who can’t take time off because they if they do they… Continue reading What Are You Doing to Help During this Crisis?

Yang Was Right!

Yesterday we started our exciting journey to finally meet our new grandson! When we arrived at the airport, after all the checking in and going through security, we wanted to get some snacks and some water for the plane. On the way to our gate, there is a snack souvenir bookstore combo along the way.… Continue reading Yang Was Right!