A Day in the Kitchen

Yesterday I did all the outdoor things I had wanted to accomplish this weekend. I did it yesterday because today was set aside as a canning day. My goal was to be finished around noonish, which of course, I didn’t make. The three things on the canning menu were: Mango butter, banana butter, and pasta… Continue reading A Day in the Kitchen

New Kitchen Toys

This morning I found a new blog to follow, The Prairie Homestead (https://www.theprairiehomestead.com). I was looking for a vegetable stock recipe I could make and then can. While I was fortunate to find a recipe I liked on the above website, unfortunately I also found out one must can it with a pressure cooker. Of… Continue reading New Kitchen Toys

An Afternoon in the Kitchen

The trip to my mom’s was full of emotion. I’ll write about it soon. Today is about my afternoon in the kitchen. Don’t know why, but I felt the need to bake and cook. After a quick trip to the grocery store to get a couple of ingredients I needed (a bonus was they finally… Continue reading An Afternoon in the Kitchen

First Gluten-Free Baked Good

One of the ways I’m trying to stay connected with friends and neighbors is through baking (duh!, right?). If they have said they liked something I’ve made in the past or if stated something was their favorite, that is what I’ve tried to make for them. Some of the items have been no-bake cookies, banana… Continue reading First Gluten-Free Baked Good