“I Alone”

The Press is just too easy to manipulate any more. Rather than really dig deep for their newspapers or their stations for meaningful investigative stories, the ones we need to have on a daily basis with the current incumbent, they save it all for their books because it will gain them more noterietay and fortune. The hell with the rest of us while Rome burns as long as they get their personal due.

Take the last few days.

We were talking about substance with the incumbents tax records. There was some good questions coming out of it as we wonder, and have the right to know, who he owes over 400 million dollars to and why.

We were also talking about how he was enabling, and calling all white supremacists to hands on deck. That he wouldn’t condemn violence and white supremacy without first having to think about it.

There was also talk about how the elected trumpists were people without honor or integrity when discussing the nomination on the inexperienced ultra conservative ultra religious judge to the Supreme Court.

Then Friday hit, and the largest potential red herring of them all happens. The incumbent allegedly tests positive for Covid-19, is showing light symptoms, and is taken to Walter Reed Hospital (but not before recording a PR piece).

Next we got to hang on each and every propaganda piece with the short little film and the signing of blank pieces of paper because every news organization just can’t bear not to report on this incumbent no matter the harm caused because “they fact check him in real time.”

Oh my, we then got to hang on the edge of our seats to see just where the incumbent was going when he left the hospital room for his Sunday “Celeste” moment. But hey, the Press got to then talk for the next four hours or more about what he had just done, how could he have done such a thing, putting his protectors at risk, let alone how could the doctors let him go?!

And finally, the Press was all atwitter when the incumbent decided to leave Walter Reed, walked up the steps, and gasping for breath, provided another PR moment of looking like an authoritarian with such a “strong and powerful” image from the White House balcony. A balcony very few presidents have utilized in the past so they would not look like a supreme leader.

The Press just ate all of this up for the past 96 hours. Anything and everything scandal related was blown off the front page.

All to show he alone is in charge.

He is our supreme leader,

He is the master of all including Covid-19.

If he wants to go around without a mask, then he won’t wear it, and so also commands all around him not to wear one as well (and ridicules anyone who chooses to follow scientific advice).

If he wants to go for a Sunday drive, putting others in harms way, then by golly he will have his Sunday drive.

If he wants to put on the charade of appearing to be hard at work in the hospital suite, then by golly there will be photographers and videographers to make it happen.

If he wants to arrive late to a debate and not take a Covid-19 test, then by golly he will show up late.

If he wants to walk around the White House without a mask, with the many staff members present to keep the White House running, putting their lives, and the lives of their families at risk, then by golly will walk about without a mask and those insignificant workers be damned.

If he wants to play down a pandemic, the danger of it, pit states against one another for PPE equipment and supplies, confiscate supplies heading to states, hold rallies and make people attending them sign statements agreeing the incumbent is not responsible if they get sick, then by golly he will do it.

If he wants to run the country into the ground, they by golly he will do it because no one on his side of the aisle will do anything of conscience to stop him.

“I alone” and ‘I take no responsibility” is coming true, and more true each and every day.

There may be, and I have to believe this is still true, only one way to ensure these destroyers of the United States are stopped, and that is for us millions of Democrats and Progressives to vote in overwhelming and at historic numbers between now and the end of November 3. Vote blue up and down the ticket. Remove every single trumpist and “Republican” from office by voting them out. We need a majority of Democrats in the House and the Senate to begin the healing process of race, poverty, and international reputation.

Make sure you have your plan to vote. Then vote! No excuses, no abstentions, no third party, no protest votes. Any of these are a vote for the incumbent, something even apparently the intelligence agencies feel will be detrimental to the survival of our country.


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