The So-Called 4th Pillar of Democracy is Complicit

Simon Sinek uses a term, “ethical fading,” in his book, The Infinite Game. In the book, Sinek is referring to the Wells Fargo scandal in which several thousand employees created bogus accounts to essentially make their quotas look good. The ethical fading defines how these employees could know they were doing wrong, but since it… Continue reading The So-Called 4th Pillar of Democracy is Complicit

What’s the Difference? Federal Response!

Open the schools! Kids need to be back in school! The economy needs schools to be open! Other countries have reopened their schools! Let’s stop and think about what might be different about the United States than other countries. Hmmm… Them: Responded fairly quickly. U.S.: Ignored it for months. Them: Closed down nationally for at… Continue reading What’s the Difference? Federal Response!